10 nail polish facts

Hello! I gathered 10 awesome facts about nail polish. I hope you’ll find them interesting and you’ll learn something new. If you prefer watching a video instead of just reading them, I’ve included a video in the end of this post. Tell me in the comments if you find these types of post useful.


1. Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 BC

The ingredients included beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes.

2. In Ancient Egypt, nail polish was even used to signify class rankings

The lower class often wore nude and light colors, while high society painted their nails red. Nefertiti is said to have painted hers ruby colors while Cleopatra dyed her tips a rusty hue with the juice of the henna plant.

3. The first modern-day nail polish was created from car paint

When car paint was invented in the 1920s, a French makeup artist named Michelle Menard tried to adopt it to create a polish for nails. Menard was working then for a company named Charles Revson, which is now known as Revlon. Revlon started selling its first nail polish in salons during 1932 and became the first established nail polish brand.

4. The Black Diamond polish by Azature is the most expensive nail polish in the world

It contains 267 carats of black diamonds and it is worth 250 thousand dollars.

5. The French manicure really did come from France

It allowed members of French royalty to have elegant hands and nails, thus further separating them from the lower class.

6. Acrylic nails were introduced in 1978

And they were invented by a dentist.

7. There are 15 principal nail polish finishes

Shimmer, Micro-shimmer, Micro-glitter, Glitter, Frost, Lustre, Crème, Prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, Iridescent, Opalescent, Matte, Duochrome, Jelly or translucent, Magnetic, Crackled, Glass-flecked, Holographic.

8. Nail polish remover never expires

Unlike the nail polish which expires up to 1 year, the nail polish remover will last forever.

9. People can be allergic to nail polish

Formaldehyde is an ingredient in many nail polishes, and some people are just born allergic to this chemical. Brands that are “3-free” don’t have any formaldehyde and they are safe for people with such allergies.

10. Darker nail polish peels faster

That’s due to the higher pigmentation in darker polishes.

10 nail polish facts


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