We all have bad days. It’s just like everything in the world. Today you could be the happiest person on Earth and tomorrow you can have a very sh*tty day. And that’s okay, because life has its balance. And it’s all depending on you how you’re going to react to life.

Here are my 10 things that always make my day better:

1 – Sleeping

There are days the only thing I want to do when I come home is sleep. There’s nothing wrong with that. When you love sleeping, go to bed. Being an adult, I realize how much I love sleeping and what an awful person I’m when I haven’t had my dose of sleeping.

2 – Watching my favorite TV series

Watching a TV series that I love after a long and exhausting day is priceless. Especially Monday evenings – they go very well with the newest episode of some of the weekend’s TV series.

3 – Reading a good book

Reading is one of my favorite activities. In the cold months with a cup of a hot drink is just like heaven. Reading takes you to another universe and makes you forget about your problems. With good books you just forget about everything else.

4 – Playing with my hamster

This happens when it wants to play with me, because hamsters are loners. But when it’s in the mood for playing it’s so cute and it even lets me kiss him. If you have a lovable pet, spend as much time as you can with it.

5 – Watching a comedy movie

Laughing is the cure for bad days. Kid’s animated movies are my favorite kind. The last one I watched was Leap and it was awesome.

6 – Visiting my parents / Calling mom on the phone

The bad part of living on my own is that I don’t see my parents every day, like I was used to. I see them every week, but bad days don’t schedule with my social life. There’s just something “magical” when I go home to my parents that instantly makes me feel good. Mom, dad, my grandpa and everything at home reminds me of how happy I was when I was a kid. When I think about cozy, my home visualizes.
Calling mom on the phone also helps me survive the day. When I hear her voice, I feel somehow safe and happy.

7 – Game nights with friends

It’s not obligatory to be a game night, but just being with my friends makes me so happy. Especially with friends that make me believe in myself and who encourage me to do the things I’m afraid of.

8 – Food

10 Things That Always Make My Day Better

I don’t know about you, but I’m a foodie and food makes me happy. Especially some of my favorite desserts. Just a bite… Who I’m kidding? I want to eat all that Milka Lu/Oreo chocolate.


9 – Not having to cook when I get home


As much as I like to eat I don’t like to cook. I don’t know how people are passionate about it. Especially spending hours!!! In the kitchen. I cook only fast and simple meals. But still healthy meals!

10 – Watching funny animal videos

Somehow funny animal videos always pop up on my Facebook feed. The last one I watched was with a pit bull and it was hilarious.

What makes your days better?

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