Hello, today I’m showing you how to make 3 easy and fun crafts using old CDs. The easiest way to cut a CD is when you cut through the center with scissors. Then remove the transparent part, you won’t need it. Cut the other part of the CD into pieces of your choice. I decided to cut triangles. You can cut squares, circles or whatever shapes you like.


Craft 1 – a redesign of a mirror

Personally, my favorite craft was the first one – a redesign of a mirror or a makeup product with a mirror.  For example, I’ used an old blush which I will be using as a mirror. I advise you to lay the pieces on the surface before you glue them. That way you’ll know exactly where to put each piece. For glue I used white glue.

CD craft ideas

Craft 2 – jewelry organizer

For the second craft I used a plastic flower pot plate which I turned into a jewelry organizer. I proceeded the same way as in the first craft. Keep in mind that the glue will dry in 3 to 4 hours.

Craft 3 – mug coaster

For the final craft I turned a piece of wood into a mug coaster. Don’t worry about the glue, you’re going to make a mess, when it dries it will be transparent.


You can watch my video for more detailed information.

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