3 places to eat in scotland

Hello! In November me and my boyfriend, spent one week in Scotland. We had the chance to see a few cities and of course eat there, because you know… we’re always hungry. In today’s post I want to share with you 3 places I really enjoyed and would like to come back to.

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Mozza (Glasgow)

Bulgarians eating pizza in an Italian restaurant in Scotland.
Our flight back to Bulgaria was from Glasgow so we wanted to spend a few hours exploring the city. Our friends who live in Edinburgh proposed to go to Mozza to eat pizza. Me and Kris, we never decline a pizza offer. The restaurant is in the center of Glasgow, it was easy to find with a GPS. It’s atmosphere was very welcoming, the staff was friendly. The service was very fast. I totally recommend Mozza!

Oh, man! The pizza was delicious. Maybe I overate but I ate the whole pizza by myself. We swapped a piece or two and Kris’s pizza was also so yummy. I ordered #8 and Kris – Lucky 13. For 5 £ you get a normal sized pizza and a coke, which for the UK standards is super cheap. For a Bulgarian the price was average.

Mozza Glasgow

#8 – Tomato sauce, mozzarella, speck (cured ham), olives, basil.

Mozza Glasgow
Lucky 13 – Mozzarella, walnuts, prosciutto, rucola and maybe I forget something.

The Piemaker (Edinburgh)

Before our trip to Scotland I researched cheap restaurants/places to eat in Edinburg and in almost every video/blog post The piemaker was mentioned, so it was a must eat place. The place is in Edinburgh’s center. Keep in mind that it is quite small, maybe 5-6 people can eat inside. Most of the people took their pies to go. We had the chance to go when the place was empty. The staff was friendly and chatty. I ate a Macaroni & Cheese Pie for just 1.20 £. I loved it. The pie was still warm and the cheese melts in your mouth. So yummy! I recommend The Piemaker for a quick snack! (Kris ordered Chicken & Vegetables Pie but he didn’t like it so much.)

The Piemaker

The Caledonian (Inverness)

Our friends offered us to go North to see Loch Ness and on our way back to Edinburgh we stopped in The Caledonian to eat dinner because we were so hungry. It was a 4-hour drive + 2 hours to see the castle and the loch. According to our friends the best fish and chips we could eat was at The Caledonian. A portion of this and a beer costed us 6 £, which is a reasonable price. The portions were huge with a lot of white fish which was delicious. The staff was friendly and the place was pretty nice. It was half-full (or half empty, if you prefer that :D) and we managed to find a table.

fish and chips

As a chocoholic, I can say that the best part about this place was the desserts. We ordered 2 desserts for 5 £. I call that a deal. I ordered Cookie cup explosion, and Kris – Chocolate fudge cake. We liked both of them. They were so tasty and sweet. Heaven!

COOKIE CUP EXPLOSIONCOOKIE CUP EXPLOSION – Filled with chocolate brownie, marshmallow and chocolate honeycomb and served with vanilla ice cream



What’s your favorite food to eat when you travel abroad?

places to eat in scotland

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