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ELF CosmeticsHello! My first post here is going to be about a brand I was always interested in – ELF Cosmetics. A lot of their products are dupes for popular high-end products. Something that impressed me is that the ingredients in their products are safe. Also the brand is cruelty-free. I bought my ELF products from iHerb, where the prices are cheaper than in the UK ELF site. These products cost me around 15$ + 4$ delivery, which is a total deal.


ELF Matte Lip Color in shade Tea Rose

By far this is my favorite ELF product and I totally recommend it to you. The consistency, the staying power, the package… Everything is awesome. I was wondering which shade should I buy and I came across Beautywithemilyfox on YouTube. She’s the main reason why I bought this shade and a few more lipsticks (which I absolutely love). Tea Rose is a mauve-y nude which is perfect for autumn/winter but this doesn’t stop me wearing it all year. The coverage is awesome. The lipstick lasts on my lips around 4 hours and it leaves a nice stain on the lips that lasts for hours. The lipstick is matte but it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. The consistency is creamy. The package is a roll-up stick, which is very stable, made of high quality black plastic. The actual color is showcased on the base of the tube where you also get a sharpener, which some of you might find useful. Another plus is that the lipstick doesn’t have an aroma. The price of the product is 3$ for 1.4 grams.

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude pink ELF Matte Lip Color in shade Tea Rose


ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude pink

It’s considered as a Stila Lip glaze dupe. I can’t compare them but for a 1$ lip gloss I like it a lot. And that’s a saying from a person, who doesn’t lip glosses. On the package, it says lipstick but for me it’s a lip gloss, which is not sticky at all! And that’s the reason why I love this product. The package is transparent and ordinary and it allows you to see the actual color of the lip-gloss which is only 1.5 grams. The way you get the actual product is very funny. The applicator is a sponge which get cute little bubbles. The consistency is creamy and hydrating. The pigmentation is medium. The color is light baby pink with shimmers. It’s not long lasting, let’s say 2 hours. It gives a little color to my lips. It has a mint cooling effect which should pump up your lips. The aroma is also minty. If you’re looking for a new gloss, give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

ELF Contouring blush & bronzing powder in St. Lucia



ELF Contouring blush & bronzing powder in St. Lucia

The blush is considered as a NARS Orgasm dupe. It’s coral shade with gold shimmer and it’s not very pigmented – something I personally don’t like in a blush. The bronzer is considered as a NARS Laguna bronzer dupe. On the other hand, it’s super pigmented and you need to be careful when applying it. In the package, it looks shimmery but applied on the skin it’s matte. I think it’s a little bit darker for light skin but applied lightly it looks very good. It also has a warm undertone which looks a little bit orange-y on my pale skin.

The package is obviously like the NARS one and it looks very stylish and high end. It’s very stable with a huge mirror, which I find very useful. The price of this duo is 3$ for 8 grams. On my skin, both of these products last for around 3-4 hours. It was nice trying this product but I can’t recommend it to you.

ELF Eyebrow kit

ELF Eyebrow kit

I have big and well-defined brows so for me this type of product is not a must have. Although it became a part of my daily makeup routine and I love it. The package of the kit is also very cute, made of stable plastic. It comes with a brush which I use daily. You also get a little mirror, which you might find useful. First I use the wax to give my brows a better defined shape, after that I apply the powder (sometimes I skip this step). Then I apply a clear brow gel. The wax is very well pigmented. The color of the wax is perfect for very dark brown/black brows. It gives shape to my brows and lasts all day. The powder is also well pigmented, cool toned, but in my opinion, it should be way more darker (for my almost black brows).

P.S. the powder could be used in the crease of the eye.

I’m using this kit for more than a year and it looks like I started using it a month ago. I think I’m going to use it forever. And yes, I recommend it!

ELF Mineral Make-up Foundation SPF 15 in Fair

As a person who doesn’t like foundations and uses only powder this product is awesome. It has a very good coverage and it’s buildable. It’s light weight on the skin. The finish is semi-matte. The powder itself is finely milled. The shade Fair matches my skin tone. The product keeps my T-zone matte for around 5 hours. The package is very nice, made of stable plastic. The list of ingredients is a plus. It’s a very economical product. It is very affordable at price of 5$ for 2.84 grams.

The things I like the most in ELF (as an affordable brand) is that the company uses quality materials to make the package stable and travel-friendly, meanwhile the products inside are quality, especially the ones from the Mineral collection. That made me a huge fan of the brand.

What’s your favorite ELF product?

Brand focus ELF Cosmetics

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