Hello! Doing something out of your comfort zone can seems a little or a very frightening. That happened to me when I flied for the first time. Me and my boyfriend, travelled to Scotland in November. As always, I did research on the internet related to flying for the first time and from what I read I got scared that something is going to happen with the plane and the departure/landing.

Before the flight

We booked our flight a month before. We choose to travel with Ryan air as our only option for a low-cost company. Because we didn’t want to pay for the seats, we ended up a few rows apart. What I liked about Ryan Air is that unlike Wizzair you get a cabin bag and a small bag. That way you can bring a lot more baggage with you. Make sure that you bring only the necessary with you. When travelling in winter clothes layering is the key. A warm jacket, 2 vests, 7 T-shirts and a warm sweater are just fine for a week long trip. 2 pair of jeans are enough. I advise you to bring for the vacation cosmetics and toiletries that you’re almost used up and which you are going to throw in the last day of your trip. This can save you some space. Something that saved us a lot of space was a vacuum bag which we used on our flight back. It was a real life saver because only the food we bought in Scotland took up almost half of my luggage space.

Make sure to go at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight. That way you’re going to be more calm and relaxed about the flight itself. The security check is nothing special. Make sure to put all your liquids in just one bag. Remember to bring some food with you for the flight. Keep in mind that the water on the airports is not extremely expensive. A 500 ml bottle is at the price of such a bottle in more expensive restaurant.

During the flight

It was awesome to fly on a plane and I can’t wait for the next time I’ll be in the air. It was just a little bit scary, but I loved every part of the flight. The departure was amazing, seeing the Earth getting smaller and smaller. And the clouds – it feels like there was cotton everywhere, it was so beautiful.

FLYING ON A PLANE FOR THE FIRST TIMEDuring the flight there was a little bit of turbulence but with a seatbelt everything was fine. Time passes really quick when you have a phone or a tablet. During the flight I watched the newest episodes of some of my favorite TV series. On our flight back, I read a Harry Potter book. The landing was smooth. For me it was a little bit scarier than the departure.

Don’t be scared about flying on a plane. Everything is going to be okay. Just make sure that you have something to read/watch on your phone/tablet, so you won’t get bored.

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