Hello, I will show you how to make this easy geometric nail art. Start with applying a base coat and 2 coats of silver nail polish. This color will serve you as a base. Wait until it’s completely dry. Usually this will take up do 15 minutes. The next thing we need is a nail art striping tape. I bought mine from AliExpress. Cut strips with length of your choice and place them on your nails to create a design. I recommend you to cut the tape a little bit longer than you’ll need it, so it will be easier for you to remove it later.

Now let’s move to the fun part: painting your nails with colors of your choice. I used 5 pastel colors: pink, yellow, mint green, blue and orange. I’m going to put the brands and the exact color in the description box. I know my nails look like a total mess right now, but it’s easy to clean it with a brush and a little nail polish remover. Maybe it was a mistake, but I applied only one coat of the colorful nail polishes. You can also use thin nail art brush for more precise application. Wait a few seconds and carefully remove the tape. And your nail art is ready.

Nail polishes used:

  • Silver – Golden Rose Color Expert #62
  • Pink – Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure #510 I pink I can
  • Yellow – Lottie London LL048 Day dreamer
  • Blue – Golden Rose WOW #72
  • Mint green – Essie #862 Fashion playground
  • Peachy/orange – Rimmel London #408 Peachella


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