Hello! Today I want to share with you 2 of my favorite budget lipsticks – Golden Rose Vision lipsticks in the shades #125 and #135.
I bought #125 about a year and a half ago and it’s one of my favorite winter lipsticks. It’s an auberge color with cool undertone, very deep and well pigmented. It looks great on pale skin. You should be careful with the application though. I bought #135 about a month ago and the color is very vibrant orange (also with cool undertone) – just perfect for hot summer days. On pale skin, it looks awesome good.
Golden Rose Vision lipsticks are with Vitamin C and they don’t dry the lips. Both of the lipsticks are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply. They smell like vanilla but applied on the lips you can’t notice any aroma. About their durability I can say that each of these 2 lipsticks lasts around 5 hours which is insane for the creamy texture. Also they come down gradually. The finish is shiny. Their cost in Bulgaria is around 1.5-2 euro for 4.2 grams of product.
The package of Golden Rose Vision lipsticks is very ordinary, made of cheap black plastic. The labels of the package go out very quickly. The package itself has a small transparent part in the middle which allows you to see the color of lipstick. If you have a few shades of this lipstick, it will be very helpful for you.
With all that being said I can totally recommend Golden Rose Vision lipsticks to you!
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