Rimmel girl in grey

Hello! Today I’m showing you an easy grey manicure. I used nail flakes and matte top coat to make it more interesting.

Start with applying a base coat and 2 coats of grey nail polish of your choice. I’m using Rimmel nail polish from the Rita Ora collection in the shade 9 0 5 Girl in grey. I love Rimmel nail polishes because the brush is big and flat, also the nail polish lasts a week on my nails.


The next thing we’re doing is to apply nail flakes on the ring ringer and on the middle finger. I’m using purple ones which I bought from Aliexpress. It’s recommended to use a black nail polish as a base, so the color of the nail flakes will pop. I’m using the eyeshadow stick which comes in the packet. This way you can easily pick the flakes and apply them on your nails. I apply them from the top to the bottom of the nail with small and fast motions. Finish with applying a top coat.

Aliexpress nail flakes

The next thing we’re doing is to apply a matte top coat on all other fingers. The one I’m using is from Golden Rose. With a toothpick and a regular top coat I apply some drops on the nails.


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